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Kansas City Tech provides Small Business IT support, Service and Solutions to some the of the most well-known companies in the Kansas City metro area. Kansas City Tech can help your business with IT Systems Administration, Active Directory Support, Server Installations and Enterprise Application Support.

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IT Support That Fits Your Needs and Budget

Finally, local IT Service without the expensive monthly contracts. Kansas City Tech offers professional Computer, Server, Mobile, Email and Network Support at an hourly rate. Our clients only pay when they need assistance. Most local service providers in Kansas City require you to sign an expensive monthly contract before you can speak to someone that can help. When you call Kansas City Tech, a technician answers the phone and is available to assist with any question or issue immediately. 816-875-6580

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Kansas City Tech provides Small Business IT Support, Service and Solutions to some the of the most well-known companies in the Kansas City metro area. Kansas City Tech can help your Small Business today with IT Systems Administration, Active Directory Support, Server Installations, Enterprise Application Support, Device Backups, Intrusion Prevention, Systems Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance.

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Most commonly asked questions and answers

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Should we enable 2 factor authentication?

Yes, you most definitely should. Even though there's an extra step involved each time, 2 factor helps to ensure only the account holder gains access. When you have a choice, it's best to use an Authenticator app rather than phone or text verification.

What type of backup system should we be using?

You should have both an onsite and offsite backup enabled that runs daily. The offsite backup generally contains your files only. The onsite backup contains both your files and bare metal, which contains everything including the Operating System.

Should we have a some type of monitoring system in place?

Monitoring software helps to ensure all computers are always up to date with important patches, security updates and feature enhancements. Monitoring software also alerts to possible security events and hardware issues before they become a real problem.

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